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Angular Training Course

Angular is a leading JavaScript framework, widely embraced by South African enterprises for its robust approach to front-end development. Our continually updated Angular training ensures you stay ahead of the curve, offering cutting-edge insights into the framework and JavaScript advancements. Learn the core principles and essential skills directly from our seasoned instructors and fast-track your journey to becoming an Angular expert.

Angular Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Angular - Architecture & Components
    • Angular CLI,
    • Angular project generation with Angular CLI,
  • Angular Components
    • JavaScript/TypeScript classes syntax
    • Templates Interpolation
    • Property Binding
    • Attribute, Class, and  Style Binding
    • Event Binding
  • Angular Form Processing
    • Two way data binding
    • Template driven forms
    • Reactive forms
  • Angular Services
    • Recap of Dependency Injection
    • Defining and Injecting Services Providers
    • Lazy injection
  • HTTP, Promises, and Observables
    • Promises overview
    • Calling an API via HTTP
    • Introduction to Observables
    • Observable Bindings
    • Observables Operators
    • Calling an API via Observables
  • Angular Routing and Navigation
    • Overview of Routing in Angular
    • Route Patterns
    • Query String Support
    • Route Configuration
  • Component Lifecycle & History
    • Lifecycle Hooks
    • History Manipulation
    • Error Handling
    • Additional techniques
  • Custom Angular Directives
    • Attribute Directives
    • Structural Directives
  • Advanced Component & Sub-Component Interaction
    • @Input
    • @Output decorators EventEmitters
  • Angular Pipes
    • Overview of Pipes
    • Built-in Pipes
    • Parameterising a Pipe
    • Chaining Pipes
    • Stateful/Async Pipes
    • Custom Pipes

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