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Angular vs AngularJS

Any newcomer to Angular may be confused about the relationship of AngularJS to Angular and find contradictory information about AngularJS and its relationship to Angular on the internet. First, it's important to realise it's not your fault you may be confused and it's not the fault of the many articles written which might have been true at the time they were written.

How to confuse friends and lose people

The confusion is almost entirely the fault of the Angular project itself. The title Angular was first applied to what is now called AnuglarJS and what is now Angular was previously called Angular2 while it was under development for several years.

What is now called Angular was the evolution of the first JavaScript framework called Angular at the time now called AngularJS and although AngularJS and Angular share a common name it would be better to consider their different projects.

You want Angular Training!

What's important to know is you probably want to get training in Angular and not AngularJS as AngularJS is essentially a dead project walking and building new solutions on AngularJS is folly. The only reason to know AngularJS is for any legacy projects that may have been built with it.

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